International Students

Please review the following list to ensure that you are prepared for your orientation session.

  • Look over your acceptance letter to verify your school or college and major. If you intend to change your major, please do so before attending orientation.
  • Make sure to visit your major’s website in order to familiarize yourself with its requirements, policies, location, as well as faculty and staff.
  • On day one of Orientation, you can expect to have both CLAS and major-specific advising presentations. These will prepare you for day two, which is the registration session.
  • During the registration session, you will meet in a computer lab with an advisor from CLAS who will assist you with your course selection. Each advisor will be working with one or two students at a time, so it is important that you remain patient and flexible.
  • You will need to complete a Math Placement Assessment if you are in a major that requires you to do so. Click here to see if you will need to complete the assessment.
  • You will need to complete the technology tutorial for incoming students in order to avoid any delays during your registration session.

Below are videos that contain more information about the CLAS general education requirements, advising in the College, and how to register for courses. We advise you to view these videos before and after your orientation session.

UConn CLAS Academics Overview



UConn CLAS General Education Requirements



UConn CLAS Advising Overview