Orientation 2019-20

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences!

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) is the academic core of learning and research at UConn. We give students a liberal arts and sciences education that empowers them with broad knowledge, transferable skills, and an ability to think critically about important issues across a variety of disciplines.

CLAS believes that a positive academic advising experience is imperative to a student’s success in college. For this reason, CLAS has a two-tiered advising system – at the departmental level, and at the Academic Services Center, which serves all CLAS undergraduate students – which enables all CLAS students to have access to academic advisors.

About CLAS Orientation

All CLAS students at orientation will learn about the College’s academic policies, procedures, and requirements as a group. Students will also meet in sub-groups organized by major to learn about their major requirements, CLAS general education requirements, and graduation requirements. These sub-groups facilitate the important relationship between students, their advisors, and their peers, and better prepare students for their course registration sessions the following day.

We look forward to empowering the Class of 2023 with all of the knowledge they need to begin their academic journey!

Advice from Students

  • Caitlin Delaney head shot
    "Follow what you’re interested in. If you take classes and decide you’re interested in something that you didn’t initially think you’d be interested in, it’s never too late to switch."
    - Caitlin Delaney '18 (CLAS)