Orientation 2020

View of students walking down the pathway at Mirror Lake  on May 2, 2017.

Welcome to our Academic Community!

This webpage is for incoming first-year and transfer students to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). On this page, you will learn about the College, its policies and expectations, and the specifics of your major. You’ll also find everything you need to know about your Orientation advising appointment, including tips for how to prepare to meet with your advisor.

Your Orientation Advising Appointment

CLAS is the home of academic exploration at UConn. Here you have an unequaled opportunity to customize your experience and explore your interests. You also have access to the advising you need to navigate your options and make the most of your time at UConn. And it all starts here with your first advising session.

The most ideal way for you to join your advising appointment is virtually using a computer or a tablet. If you are absolutely unable to access your appointment virtually please indicate that in the Student Information Form below.

Please review the information and complete the tasks below at least 2 days prior to your Advising Orientation and Registration Appointment so that we are best prepared to meet with you on your scheduled date and time. 


Before Your Appointment, Please Complete The Following:


1. Watch your major presentation below to learn more about the curriculum requirements and opportunities in the major. If you are considering more than one major, check out as many presentations as you’d like!

2. If you are required to take a mathematics, a chemistry, or an English placement exam before you enroll in certain classes, please do so at least 48 hours prior to your Orientation. Not sure if you need to take a placement test? Check out the UConn Course Placement website to learn more.


3. If you have not done so already, please familiarize yourself with University technology including PeopleSoft (StudentAdmin) and WebEx. Make sure all your accounts active and your technology is working properly (including audio and video on your device) before meeting with an advisor. If you are joining your appointment virtually from a tablet, you must download the Webex app prior to your appointment. If you are joining from a laptop or desktop, click on the option "Join using web browser", there is no need to download the app.


4. Complete the student information form below. The information you provide will help your advisor learn more about your needs and tailor your advising experience. Remember, if you are able to join your appointment virtually please do so. Only indicate an email or phone appointment in the form if you have no other option.

Complete the Student Information Form

On the Day of Your Appointment


We will use the WebEx platform to to conduct your advising session. All University students have access to this platform using their netid and password. Please take the time to log in to make sure your device, audio, and camera are working properly. Remember to download the app only if you are joining using a tablet. If you are unable to join the appointment virtually and you notified us of this on your Student Information Form above, please check your uconn.edu email prior to your Advising/Registration Appointment time for additional instruction.

On the day of your advising and registration appointment you will be enrolling in classes for the fall semester in StudentAdmin. Those joining the appointment virtually should do so from a laptop or a tablet as StudentAdmin does not work well on a cell phone.

At your assigned meeting time, please go to the CLAS Orientation meeting room. (You do not have to log in- just click on the link. You may be asked for your name or email address, please use your full first or preferred name and last name, so we know who you are when you show up for your meeting.)

Remember: If you are using your camera function, your advisor can see you and your surroundings. Please keep this in mind and be ready for your session.

If you do not have access to technology and need to phone into the appointment, please indicate that on your student information form so that we can make other arrangements before your meeting. If you have questions or concerns, please email CLASASC@uconn.edu for guidance. 


Visit the CLAS Orientation Meeting Room in WebEx


Keep in mind that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits advisors from sharing information or discussing your educational records with anyone but you. When you meet with your advisor, please make sure that you are in a space where you can engage in conversation privately with your advisor. If you have concerns, please let your advisor know as soon as the appointment begins.

If you have any problems during the day/time of your appointment, please call 860-486-2822 for assistance.

Contacts and Other Resources

For questions or concerns, please contact the CLAS Academic Services Center at clasasc@uconn.edu or 860-486-2822.

Learn more about the CLAS Academic Services Center

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