New to Storrs (Campus Change and Transfer Students)

Welcome to the University of Connecticut Storrs!

The transition from a regional campus or another institution to the Storrs campus can be challenging, exciting, and sometimes difficult.  Knowing what services are available or where offices are located can be problematic. Who is my new academic advisor? Where is (s)he located? To assist you in the transition process we have developed this page with academic information for CLAS students who are new to the Storrs campus who are not freshman.

CLAS believes that a positive academic advising experience is imperative to a student’s success in college.  For this reason, CLAS has a two tiered advising system on the Storrs campus – at the departmental level, and at the Academic Services Center, which serves all CLAS undergraduate students – that enables all CLAS students to have access to professional academic advisors.

All CLAS campus change and transfer students will learn about the College’s academic policies, procedures, and requirements either during campus change meetings, or orientation sessions. Students will learn how to better facilitate their transition from a regional campus or a prior institution to the Storrs campus, by identifying student support services.  These resources will help build the important relationship among students, their advisors, and their peers, and better prepare students for their transition to the Storrs campus.


Campus Change Students

To prepare for your transition, all students coming to Storrs from a regional UConn campus are required to attend a mandatory campus change meeting at their regional campus the semester before transitioning.  If you do not attend, you may face enrollment difficulties during the registration periods. Advisors will be reaching out periodically before and throughout your transition to confirm dates and provide valuable information. *Please note: you must be approved by your regional campus before transitioning to Storrs.

Upcoming campus change meetings for the Fall 2019 semester (meaning you will change campuses in the Spring of 2020):

UConn Avery Point Campus: Wednesday, November 20th

UConn Waterbury Campus: Tuesday, November 19th

UConn Hartford Campus: Thursday, November 21st

UConn Stamford Campus: Thursday, October 17th 


Transfer Students

All students transferring from another institution are required to attend an orientation prior to the start of their intended semester. During this orientation session, students will get acclimated with campus, select courses for the upcoming semester, and meet with an academic advisor. Specific information about the transfer of credits to the University can be found under Resources for Transfer Students.  A great resource for ALL UConn transfer students is Transfer Connections which is an advisor/student lead group designed to provide support and valuable information to transfer students.


New to Storrs Series

Once you arrive in Storrs, all campus change AND transfer students are invited to participate in events hosted by the CLAS New to Storrs advisors throughout the semester. The series will address both academic and transitional opportunities. Keep an eye out for specific dates and times of upcoming events, including:

Wednesday, September 11, 2019: Fall 2019 Campus Change and Transfer Resource Fair, Student Union room 304



New to Storrs Advisor contacts

Amy Donofrio                                          Sarah Mosier
Academic Advisor                                   Academic Advisor           
860.486.2822                                          860.486.2822