Additional Degree Guidelines


Students at the University of Connecticut may pursue one or more additional degrees by following the guidelines below:

  • Students must complete an additional degree petition which requires authorization by the dean or dean’s designee in each school or college in which the student is pursuing the degree.
  • Students can elect to pursue both degrees concurrently, or pursue an additional degree once they have completed the requirements of the first degree.
  • Both degrees may be from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or one or more may be from another school or college.
  • Students must complete at least 30 additional 2000 level and above credits beyond the minimum credit requirement of the first degree. For CLAS this means that students will complete at least 150 credits.
  • All GPA, residency, prerequisite, major and related requirements for each degree must be satisfied.
  • CLAS students who wish to pursue three majors can do so only by completing the requirements of an additional degree. Students will either declare a double major in one degree and take an additional 30 credits to complete the requirements for the third major, which will be listed under the second degree. Or they can complete 180 credits in order to pursue three degrees, each with a single major..
  • Student can pursue as many degrees as their circumstances allow. Each additional degree requires 30 additional, unique 2000+ level and above credits and the fulfillment of all prerequisite, major and related requirements.
  • Please note: The only exception to the additional degree policy exists for students pursuing teacher preparation degrees in the School of Education and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The additional 30 credit requirement for these students is waived.


Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog to review the university’s policies and guidelines for additional degrees.