Degree Options

General Information

A Liberal Arts and Sciences education is timeless.  It prepares students to adapt to changing situations, to develop skills in various disciplines, and to appreciate the many different approaches to problem-solving.  Students who choose a major within Liberal Arts and Sciences find themselves increasingly in demand as employers recognize the merit of someone who can present ideas clearly, think rationally and critically, and respond creatively when presented with the challenges of this changing world.  These are talents that last a lifetime.


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers many majors.  As soon as students decide on a major, they should formally declare that major in PPC and meet with their departmental advisor to develop a preliminary plan of study.

Double Majors

A double major allows students to complete majors in two different departments or plans in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Students fulfill the major requirements for both majors and earn the degree associated with the primary major.  In cases where a student elects to earn a double major, and one of the majors is a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, the student is expected to meet the BS requirements of both majors unless the BS option is not offered in both majors. Students will need to complete a double major form, available here.

Individualized Major

Students who have a specific major in mind that is not currently offered at the University of Connecticut can choose an individualized major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. A student interested in an Individualized Major can click here.


Minors are offered in many departments and are elective, not mandatory.  Minors consist of 15 to 18 credits in a discipline or interdisciplinary area.  There is no limit to the number of courses/credits that can be transferred in and counted towards a minor.  Substitutions for minor requirements are not possible. Students should go to the minor department to pick up a list of minor requirements.

Additional Degree

Students can earn a second degree either concurrently or after earning their first degree.  Both degrees may be from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, but typically one may be from another school or college.  Students are required to earn at least 18-degree credits higher than the degree with the higher minimum-credit requirement and must meet all requirements for each degree.  Students can obtain an additional degree petition here. Click here for additional degree guidelines.

CLAS-Neag School of Education Additional Degree Requirements for Teacher Education Students

CLAS Majors

The University Senate modified the requirements for an additional degree for teacher education students. If qualified, students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) in addition to the Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Students are eligible if they meet all general education AND subject area requirements. For CLAS students,  in addition to the major requirements, all students must have 12 credits of 2000-level or higher related courses (subject to CLAS faculty advisor approval). The CLAS faculty advisor may count one or more Education courses toward the related requirement; they may also require students to take additional courses. For example, the mathematics department would like to see one or two 2000-level chemistry, physics or statistics courses.


Students must complete all coursework for the additional degree by the end of the spring semester of the master’s year. Otherwise, this will delay the master’s year graduation and the processing of certification until late August.


Students cannot apply for the Additional Degree for Teacher Education Students until after admission to the Neag School of Education. CLAS students who wish to receive pre-teaching advising, while maintaining their CLAS major and advisor, can do so through the ACES program. To designate your pre-teaching interest, please visit the ACES office in the ROWE (CUE), Room 111. The “Pre-Teaching” major will be added to your record and you will be assigned an ACES advisor who will work with you while you pursue admission to the Neag School of Education.

Similarly, an ACES student who wishes to declare a major in CLAS and begin working with a CLAS major advisor can do so by visiting the appropriate CLAS department. The CLAS major and advisor will be added, along with the Pre-Teaching major and ACES advisor, to the student’s record. For more information about this option and its requirements please visit the Neag School of Education’s webpage.