Insurance Considerations for International Students

The University of Connecticut requires that all full-time students have health insurance. While students can choose health insurance outside of the university, we strongly recommend and encourage all international student to enroll in the plan offered through UConn. The UConn student health plan offers local and national coverage through CHP Cigna, and international coverage through Frontier MEDEX ACCESS services. Storrs students that sign up for student health coverage may retain health services at the Student Health Services (SHS) for little to no cost. In addition, all students must receive immunization for Measles (Rubeola), Rubella, Mumps, Varicella (Chicken Pox), Meningitis and screening for Tuberculosis. For more information about mandatory and recommended immunizations, please visit the Student Health Services Immunization Requirements page.

Students considering an alternate health insurance plan should consider the following:

  • Does the alternate health insurance plan meet all of the student’s VISA requirements? Student with J-1 visas should understand the medical insurance requirements by this visa type. Please visit the International Student & Scholar Services Medical Insurance page for details.
  • Does the alternate health insurance plan provide comprehensive medical benefits? Many alternate health insurance travel plans cover only emergency medical care such as hospitalization or care at a hospital emergency room.  These plans typically do not provide coverage for doctor’s office visits, immunizations or routine medical care.  Alternative health insurance travel plans may be less expensive to purchase, but may result in larger cost due to lack of coverage for vital care.