Academic Misconduct Policies & Procedures

Students and faculty who find themselves involved in cases of academic misconduct should review the university’s Academic Integrity in Undergraduate Education and Research policy. Though the policy, new as of March 2008, was a product of the efforts of the Senate Scholastic Standards Committee, the office of Community Standards, has been charged with overseeing its implementation.  For information on how cases of academic misconduct are administered go to the Community Standards Academic Misconduct Procedures.

Important points to note:

  • Students should be made aware of the instructor’s expectations regarding academic misconduct. These should be detailed in the course syllabus, and then reviewed with students.
  •  Student must be notified in writing of alleged misconduct and within 5 days of the event occurring.
  •  All allegations of academic misconduct, whether resolved in the department or at a hearing, must be reported to Community Standards so that Community Standards has an accurate record of the student’s entire conduct history. To report a case of academic misconduct go to” Contact Us ” Academic Misconduct Referral

Helpful websites:

This flowchart, adapted from one produced by Community Standards, outlines the academic misconduct procedural process.

Academic Misconduct Procedural Overview