About Us

The Academic Services Center provides advising and other academic services to students, staff, and faculty alike. Students who have questions about general education and other degree requirements may call the ASC to make an appointment to speak to an advisor. We particularly encourage transfer and regional campus students who are transferring and campus changing to the Storrs campus to make contact with us to discuss any issues or concerns they may have.

Staff and faculty who are working with CLAS students may also contact the ASC with questions. The staff at the ASC is happy to meet with students from other schools and colleges who are considering a CLAS major.  When students do formally declare their major, they will be assigned a faculty or professional advisor in their major department to assist them throughout the completion of their degree program.

All regional campus students will be assigned an advisor by the Director of Student Services at their campus, who is responsible for coordinating the advising process.  Students should feel free to contact their major advisor, the Director of Student Services, or the ASC at Storrs with any questions or concerns they might have about academic advising.